Invitation to provide input on the draft Fisheries Improvers Programme Acceptance Mechanism of IFFO RS

(September 19th 2017) In order to allow recognition of other Standards and become aligned with current internationally recognised Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) guidelines, IFFO RS Ltd. has proposed to review and refine the IFFO RS Fisheries Improvers Programme Acceptance Mechanism to support organisations through a structured improvement process. The full draft of the IFFO RS Fisheries Improvers Programme Acceptance Mechanism is ready for public consultation via our website for a period of 30 days beginning 19th September 2017.

To continue with the development of the Fisheries Improvers Programme Acceptance Mechanism, IFFO RS Ltd. has produced a draft of the full Acceptance procedures that consists of requirements, assessment methodology, potential outcomes and other relevant measures. A public consultation feedback submission form (excel format) has been produced in order to provide a user friendly way for stakeholders and other interested parties to provide feedback on the development. The purpose of this public consultation is to obtain input from a wide range of stakeholders and interested parties on the proposed mechanism and to inform about the continuing development of the IFFO RS Fisheries Improvers Programme.

Much of the development of the Acceptance Mechanism is to bring the Improvers Programme in line with accepted FIP guidelines and allow recognition of other Standards. It is hoped that this mechanism will promote the path towards responsible supply of Marine Ingredients and provide clear and useful guidance to those who do not currently meet the IFFO RS requirements and wish to become IFFO RS certified in the future.

Francisco Aldon, Head of Operations at IFFO RS explains “IFFO RS’s main objective is to improve the global responsibility of sourcing and production of marine ingredients, and to help with this cause, IFFO RS is strengthening its IFFO RS IP fishery procedures to allow recognition by internationally well-known guidelines and standards. We therefore, welcome and encourage any comments or feedback regarding the revised IP Fishery Acceptance procedures, which are the first steps towards positive developments to drive responsible behaviour leading the path to sustainability for the future.” 

To find out more information about the IFFO RS Improvers Programme please visit our website where you will also find the public consultation feedback submission form. For comments and information please feel free to contact us via our website or email secretariat at

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Please Contact: Nicola Clark, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Coordinator

T: +44 (0) 2030 539 195



Notes for Editors

1.       The Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS) is the leading independent business to business certification programme for the production of marine ingredients consisting of 3 standards; The IFFO RS Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS), the IFFO RS Chain of Custody for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS CoC), and the IFFO RS Improvers Programme (IFFO RS IP). Since opening for IFFO RS application in October 2009 and as of 2017 130 plants in 17 different countries have gained IFFO RS certification and over 45% of the worlds combined production of Marine ingredients is IFFO RS compliant. To find out more visit

2.       The IFFO RS Improvers Programme is an organised programme developed by the IFFO RS Governance Board. The rationale behind this initiative is to encourage marine ingredient producing factories, which at present would be unable to meet the IFFO RS Standard, either because of a lack of fisheries management, or factory infrastructure and operational issues, to implement improvements that would allow them to eventually comply with the IFFO RS Standard. To find out more visit