Comments, suggestions, and information 

MarinTrust welcomes any questions, queries and comments on the MarinTrust Programme at any time, and as follows.

  • a separate process (with comprehensive stakeholder engagement) exists for periodic full revisions of MarinTrust Standards. Please refer to C2 – Standard Development Procedure. However, comments and suggestions are welcome at any time outside of the revisions and review processes.
  • comments on certificate holder performance at any point after the initial certification process.  All certificate holders (MarinTrust Standard and  Chain of Custody standard) can be found on the MarinTrust website.
  • comments on  Improver Programme Accepted site performance at any point after being accepted onto the programme. All Improver Programme Accepted sites can be found on the MarinTrust website
  • comments on Certification Body Performance at any point after the formal registration of a Certification Body to the MarinTrust Programme.

All comments, suggestions, and information shall be submitted via email at [email protected].  Where submissions are not possible via email,letters may be sent to the office address, as follows, directed to the MarinTrust Secretariat

Unit C, Printworks

22 Amelia Street


SE17 3BZ

United Kingdom


For further information or to see how we deal with comments received, please refer to  C3 - Procedure for Submission of Comments.



Any media requests should be directed to [email protected].  


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