In December 2023, MarinTrust published their new fees and price structure, to be effective from 1 January 2024. The full breakdown of the new prices is listed below, alongside the current prices which were last revised in January 2020. These price increases have largely been driven by global inflation and will allow the MarinTrust programme to continue to meet the constantly evolving and demanding market expectations, while driving continued improvement. 


Current Fees




FIP annual charge



Scope extension or update fee



Peer Review Costs (by accredited CB)


A. Gap Analysis 



B. Stakeholder Committee



C. Initial Action Plan (FAP) created for FIP



D. FIP Action Plan Tracker (quote for annual review, final cost will depend on complexity)



Peer Review costs A-C cover the initial review process for the FIP. Any additional verification or re-submissions will incur additional costs based on the complexity of the work.


Costs for the Individual company participants:


Upon MarinTrust IP Application Approval


Annual MarinTrust IP per Company Registration 



Annual MarinTrust IP per Factory Registration



Annual Subcontractor charge – per unit (if applicable)


On Site Assessment/Audit


Paid to inspector/auditor every year



Claims Agreement

Fee per plant