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FAQ on claims

What assurances does the MarinTrust logo provide?

Our logo and claims guidelines provide assurance that all products sold using the MarinTrust branding originate from certified sources that comply with the requirements of our standards.

How does MarinTrust protect the integrity of the logo?

MarinTrust undertakes checks and surveillance activities to protect the integrity of logo/branding and ensure there is no misrepresentation or breach of our intellectual property.

Following our rebranding from IFFO RS to MarinTrust in April 2020, a transition period was put in place to allow all stakeholders to update their claims using our new logo and name. This transition period ended in May 2021. All stakeholders are now requested to apply our brand guidelines.

Where shall the MarinTrust logo be displayed?

The MarinTrust logo shall only be displayed on physical certificates that are issued upon a successful audit – where the address of the audited facility is included, indicating that it is certified.

Is the use of the MarinTrust logo authorised in relation with the MarinTrust Improver Programme?

Acceptance to our Improver Programme does not authorise participating companies to use MarinTrust branding or claim any certification. They may however make a claim of MarinTrust Improver Programme Accepted status.

May applicants to the MarinTrust standards use the MarinTrust logo / claim?

Applicants to one of our standards that have not yet undergone certification are not permitted to use the MarinTrust logo or claim of certification.

May Companies that have previously been associated with the MarinTrust standards use the MarinTrust logo / claim?

Companies that have previously been associated with our standards but have since had their certificates withdrawn are not permitted to use the MarinTrust logo or continue to make claims.

Where can I find information regarding claims policy?

Information regarding claims policy can be found in the MarinTrust licence agreement. Click here for the licence agreement.

Where can I find MarinTrust statements that can be used by certificate holders?

MarinTrust statements can be found in the licence agreement (schedule 4 , page 16).

Can I use MarinTrust statement with a manual stamp?

Yes but you have to submit the proposed use and design to MarinTrust for approval prior to use.

Do I need MarinTrust approval prior to the use of the logo in my facility?

Yes, prior to the use of MarinTrust branding such as logo, certificate holders are required to submit the proposed use and copies of the artwork/design to MarinTrust for approval.

Is suspended certificate holder allowed to use MarinTrust logo?

No, suspended certificate holders are unable to use MarinTrust logo during the period under suspension. 

As a MarinTrust certificate holder, can I use MarinTrust logo on my products?

Yes, MarinTrust logo can be used provided the product is MarinTrust certified.