Due Diligence Guidance 

Due diligence activities of feed producers and any purchasers of MarinTrust certified marine ingredients are imperative to support the traceability and integrity of MarinTrust certified products.

To further aid in this process, please find below a flow diagram which outlines some of the key steps and aspects for consideration when carrying out due intelligence activities in relation to MarinTrust certified marine ingredient products. Please also find in the downloads section the flow diagram with working links to the relevant verification sources. 

Due diligence flow chart



Following due diligence activities, should you detect or suspect evidence of misuse or misrepresentation of the MarinTrust certification claim is being misused please contact us directly at [email protected]. You can find out more information about the MarinTrust logo and claims and how we protect the integrity on our website.

MarinTrust claims and mixing of certified and non-certified marine ingredients

To make a claim of MarinTrust-certified marine ingredients, the marine ingredient must be 100% MarinTrust certified.

During production and post-production, mixing of certified and non-certified material is not allowed. Segregation and mass balance are required to provide evidence no mixing occurs.

Table 1 provides guidance on the different claims that can be made for marine ingredients produced within a MarinTrust certified facility.  For example, to make the claim MarinTrust certified, 100% marine ingredients must be MarinTrust certified, if any non-certified or Improver Programme product is mixed, there can be no claim of MarinTrust certified.

Table 1. Guidance for making claims against MarinTrust Programme.


MarinTrust Certified Marine Ingredient 

MarinTrust Accepted Improver Programme Marine Ingredient (IP)

Not MarinTrust (non-certified)

MarinTrust Certified Marine Ingredient

Certified MarinTrust Claim

Improver Programme Claim

No Claim

MarinTrustAccepted Improver Programme Marine Ingredient (IP)

Improver Programme Claim

Improver Programme Claim

No Claim