ISEAL supports sustainability systems and their partners in delivering solutions to critical global challenges, so that companies and governments can meet their sustainability commitments and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It drives improvement by defining credible practice; convening forums for collaboration, sharing of experience, and collective action; delivering expertise, advice and training; and facilitating and promoting innovation to strengthen sustainability systems.

Joining ISEAL’s learning community helps sustainability systems and their partners to deliver real, lasting, positive change. ISEAL’s Community Members are sustainability standards and similar systems that collaborate to scale and demonstrate positive impact. Its Code Compliant members go further, having our system independently evaluated against ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice – a globally recognised framework for best practice.

These Codes of Good Practice include:

  • Standard Setting Code
  • Assurance Code
  • Impacts Code

The MarinTrust programme covers three key elements: first, the responsible sourcing and production of fishmeal and fish oil is assessed by the MarinTrust standard with the fishmeal and fish oil factory being the unit of certification. Second, the programme goes beyond the plant to assess both sourcing and traceability of compliant fishmeal and fish oil plants throughout the supply chain. This is done through the MarinTrust Chain of Custody. Third, the MarinTrust Improver programme provides a mechanism by which fisheries that do not currently meet the MarinTrust requirements can work towards approval for certification.

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