Marine Ingredients Certification Ltd is an international organisation that runs an independent third-party Certification programme, MarinTrust.

CBs must be accredited against ISO 17065, with the MarinTrust standards in scope of their accreditation. An accredited CB is assigned a government-appointed Accreditation Body (AB) based on the location of its critical office. As part of ISO 17065 accreditation, CBs shall be a legal entity, or a defined part of a legal entity, such that the legal entity can be held legally responsible for all its certification activities. Therefore, all CBs registered to audit under the MarinTrust Programme are separate legal entities from Marine Ingredients Certification Ltd and MarinTrust applicants and derive their funding via audit fees from the assessment of fisheries and other supply chain organisations. In addition, ISO 1765 requires that accredited CBs must have a legally enforceable agreement for the provision of certification activities to its clients.

ABs are separate legal entities from all other MarinTrust parties and derive their finances from the assessment and accreditation of CBs. ABs are Members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and must be signatory Members of the IAF Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MLA). The contracts for accreditation are between the CB and the AB. The MarinTrust Secretariat notifies ABs, CBs and certified marine ingredient producing factories of any change in management procedures, which affects programme Rules and Procedures for Accreditation or Certification.