MarinTrust has a client transfer process in place to support an existing MarinTrust certificate holder who wants to change their Certification Body (CB) while ensuring that our certification remains credible and the integrity of the MarinTrust Programme is protected during the transfer process.

 The parties involved in the client transfer are:

  • Certificate holders 
  • Certification Bodies 
  • MarinTrust Secretariat 

Version 2.0 of the clients transfer procedure will be effective from 23rd July 2023 and will supersede and replace V1.2 issued February 2016.

The current version 1.2. of this procedure shall remain valid until the end of the transition period

The new version will be effective from 23rd July:

 All new client transfer requests received: 

From the effective date (23rd July 2023) onwards will follow the requirements outlined in Version 2.0 of the client transfer procedure.

Prior to the effective date (23rd July 2023) will consult directly with the MarinTrust Secretariat on [email protected] for further information and guidance.

Ongoing client transfer requests:

Certificate holders currently undergoing a client transfer process will follow version 1.2 of this procedure for their pending activities.

For full transition guidance, please click here.

MarinTrust has outlined the following steps to further support  parties involved  especially certificate holders to fully understand their responsibilities and key processes under the transfer process. 

Step 1: Transfer request and approval

Transfer request

The certificate holder who wants to transfer to another CB will:

1. Inform MarinTrust Operations Manager or delegated/responsible person about their intention via email or letter and provide the following information:

  • The name of their current CB, 
  • The CB they want to transfer to
  • The reason for their transfer

2. Complete the required scope extension and submit to MarinTrust Operations Manager or delegated/responsible person. 

For recertification, the certificate holder has to submit the request at least 6 months prior to their certificate expiry.

For surveillance, the certificate holder has to submit the request at least 3 months prior to the next audit due date.

MarinTrust will review the request and inform the certificate holder of the decision to either approve or decline the proposed transfer. 

D3 client transfer

Step 2: Notification of transfer

Following the approval of the transfer request, MarinTrust will inform both the current CB and new CB you have selected about your intention.


Step 3: Decision to accept or decline transfer request

The new CB that you have selected will then assess the transfer request and make a decision on whether to accept or decline.


Key Points to note:

  • Unless CB’s accreditation is withdrawn or voluntary ceases to be accredited, suspended certificate holders are unable to transfer their certification to a new CB.
  • Where a CB accreditation is withdrawn or voluntarily ceases to be accredited (either in full or the accreditation scope for MarinTrust Standards), certificate holders may chose if they want to transfer to another CB.

For further information, please refer to Doc D3 V 2.0 Client transfer procedure.