IFFO RS, the IFFO Global Standard for Responsible Supply, has just announced its new name: MarinTrust and unveiled its new logo today. 

MarinTrust Logo

The new name conveys the value that MarinTrust brings to its stakeholders: trust in marine ingredients from a production facility.

IFFO RS was originally founded by IFFO, The Marine Ingredients Organisation, in 2009. The rebranding campaign acknowledges the certification programme’s journey, undertaken in 2014, to a separate entity with its own governance structure, articles, purposes and budget. As a business-to-business independent third-party-audited certification programme, MarinTrust aims to champion best practices within the marine ingredients industry. It allows producers of marine ingredients to demonstrate that their raw materials are responsibly sourced and responsibly produced. 

The name MarinTrust can be clearly understood outside of the English-speaking world, which is crucial for a worldwide standard holder with ambitions to expand in Asia, Central America, Middle East and Africa. 

Since the first fishmeal plant was IFFO RS certified in 2010, the standard has grown significantly, with more than half of the fishmeal and fish oil produced worldwide now IFFO RS certified. Governing Body Committee includes representatives from marine ingredients producers, traders, fish feed producers, fish farmers, fish processors, retailers, marine conservation NGOs and related standards. 

Libby Woodhatch, Executive Chairwoman of MarinTrust, noted that « While maintaining a close relationship with our founders at IFFO, we want to protect the credibility of certificate holders. The rebranding campaign underpins our ambition to continue growing and tackling the existing challenges such as multi-species fishery management and impacts of the fishmeal industry on local communities ». 

To find out more about the changes and the MarinTrust Programme, read our FAQs

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