IFFO RS calls for addition of a new Certification Body to certify against the IFFO RS programme

In order to safeguard assurance and increase accessibility to the Programme, IFFO RS today announced a call for Certification Bodies (CBs) to apply to become an approved CB to certify against the IFFO RS programme.

As a standard holder, IFFO RS works with third party accredited (ISO 17065) certification bodies[1] which assess fisheries against independent and scientific criteria to meet the key principles of the UN FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.

As the leading, global, independent business to business certification programme for the production of marine ingredients, IFFO RS holds the biggest share of the market with 52% of the world’s production IFFO RS certified. It is recognised and endorsed throughout the marine ingredient value chain and by aquaculture certification programmes including BAP, ASC and Global GAP, as well as feed manufacturers, retailers and pet food manufacturers.   

With comprehensive guidelines for improvement through the IFFO RS Improver Programme, innovative initiatives including the development of Multispecies fishery Assessment Criteria and compliance to internationally recognised schemes including ISEAL, IFFO RS continues to grow and develop in order to meet growing market demand and provide complete assurance.

IFFO RS is an extremely niche and relevant standard as it is the only standard that tackles the assessment of by-products and by-catch, and includes sourcing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), traceability, social and environmental criteria.

Overview of Key Requirements:

  • ISO 17065 accreditation
  • Accreditation Body to be a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF)
  • Fishery Assessments
  • Global reach – focussing on Africa and Asia
  • Pay the set application fee

Certification Bodies applying shall submit their application (letter of intent) and supporting documentation as outlined in the requirements to the Compliance and Integrity Manager, Laura Shepherd, at lshepherd@iffors.com  for a completeness check and review by no later than 6th March 2020. Following the completeness check and review, final applications must be submitted by 20th March 2020.

Certification Bodies wishing to apply for approval to audit against the IFFO RS programme can find a detailed breakdown of the Certification Body requirements here and the procedural approval process here.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or requirements please contact lshepherd@iffors.com. IFFO RS looks forward to receiving applications.   


[1] IFFO RS currently works with the following certification bodies: SAI Global, SGS Perú