MarinTrust has just updated its Identity Preserve (ID) Model to continue supporting accessibility to its Factory Standard to those fishmeal/fish oil producers unable or unwilling to gain MarinTrust certification independently.

Version 2.0 of the ID Model will be effective from 23rd July 2023. There shall be a transition period to allow certificate holders, CBs, and new applicants to adjust to the new version of the procedure.

  • All new applicants from 1st July 2023 onwards shall follow the requirements outlined in version 2.0 of the Identity Preserve Model.
  • Certificate holders or applicants currently undergoing the process shall follow this procedure for their pending activities.

Full transition guidance can be found here.

The Identity Preserve Model is a mechanism which has been in place since 2014; it allows an applicant / certificate holder of the MarinTrust Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard to become a ‘sponsor’ for one or more of its supplying fishmeal and/or fish oil production facilities.

The fishmeal/fish oil producer is subcontracted by the applicant/certificate holder of the MarinTrust Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard to produce MarinTrust certified marine ingredients on their behalf.

This model is a pathway to help production facilities eventually gain certification independently, following specific requirements outlined in the procedure. The updates ensure clarity, ongoing relevancy, efficiency, and accuracy to support the integrity, credibility, and robustness of the traceability of certified raw material and marine ingredients are maintained throughout the value chain.

The sponsored production facility undergoes an audit against the MarinTrust Standard and must comply with all assessment, audit, and process requirements of the Programme. It will not receive a MarinTrust certificate, instead, the certification body will include an annex within the sponsor Chain of Custody certificate.

To support certificate holders and applicant understanding MarinTrust has developed an overview guidance document.

The full ID Preserve Procedure can be found here.

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