Learn more about the Improver Programme, its impacts and how to apply, by watching the video below:

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I am a marine ingredient producer, what are the benefits of the IP?
  • Gain recognition for marine ingredients produced using FIP raw material.
  • Demonstrate compliance to the MarinTrust standard (with the exception of the whole fish raw material source)
  • Demonstrate commitment to sourcing from fishery improvement projects where there is no approved fish available.
  • Demonstrate commitment to work towards certification of marine ingredient production.

There are two requirements for applicants wishing to be MarinTrust Improver Programme Accepted:

  • The marine ingredient production site must be a signed stakeholder in, and be sourcing from, an accepted MarinTrust FIP.
  • The production site must pass a MarinTrust site audit by a third-party certification body using MarinTrust Accepted FIP raw material.
I purchase, transport or store marine ingredients, what are the benefits of the IP?
  • Gain recognition for sourcing IP marine ingredients produced using FIP raw material.
  • Demonstrate commitment to sourcing from producers using fishery improvement project raw material.
  • Demonstrate commitment to traceability of IP products produced using FIP raw material.
I am a buyer, why should I purchase MarinTrust Improver Programme marine ingredients?

 I am a feed producer using marine ingredients:

  • MT IP can allow producers to demonstrate traceability of IP material from the fishery to the MI producers.
  • If a company has CoC V2.0 they can also demonstrate continued traceability of that product.

How can a feed mill sourcing from a marine ingredient production facility apply to use MarinTrust Improver Programme products?

  • Be a signed stakeholder in the MarinTrust Accepted FIP.
  • Demonstrate commitment to sourcing from an improving fishery by becoming MarinTrust Chain of Custody Certified (V2.0).

The full application process for MarinTrust Chain of Custody V2.0 can be found here

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I am a retailer sourcing from the marine ingredients supply chain, what are the benefits of the IP?
  • If you are sourcing from a MarinTrust IP production site, this provides assurances that that site is sourcing from a MarinTrust Accepted FIP and has successfully passed a MarinTrust site audit using that raw material.
  • The MarinTrust IP claim can only be used further along the supply chain if the companies along that supply chain have MarinTrust CoC V2.0 which provides the assurance that that product has not been mixed or anything has been added to it following the original production.
I am involved with a fishery sourcing into the marine ingredient supply chain, what are the benefits of the IP?

The MarinTrust IP provides assurances that the raw material entering the supply chain is fully traceable from the fishery.

To get involved in the MarinTrust Improver Programme, the first step is to start a discussion with your buyers to identify the market needs and requirements of your raw material. Once these relationships have been built you can contact MarinTrust who can provide detailed information about the programme, the requirements and the benefits. Full details of the application process can be found here.

 What claims can be made if Improver Programme marine ingredients are mixed with other marine ingredients?
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