MarinTrust is seeking new members and Chair of their MarinTrust Improver Programme Application Committee (IPAC).

The MarinTrust Improver Programme provides a mechanism by which fisheries that do not currently meet the MarinTrust certification requirements can work towards improvement along a structured pathway. Members of the IPAC ensure that only progressive and committed applicants are accepted onto the MarinTrust Improver Programme. 

Please find below as well as on this dedicated page more information about the IPAC:

  • There are two types of meeting, application meetings to discuss new FIPs applying to the Improver Programme or to confirm continued acceptance of those FIPs on the IP, and procedural meetings which focus on the continued development of the programme.
  • A meeting pack with all relevant information and documentation is provided to the IPAC 2 weeks before the meeting. This will also include all questions to be put to the committee during the meeting.
  • Meetings are held around 4-5 times a year and are generally 2 hours long.
  • You can find our current members and the Terms of Reference here.

Requirements if interested:

  • CV
  • Short bio
  • Key points outlining what you can bring to the committee (for example, regional or supply chain representation, knowledge of Fishery Improvement Projects, other committee involvement)

For expressions of interest or further enquiries, please contact our Impact Manager Nicola Clark - [email protected]


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