MarinTrust, the leading business to business certification programme for marine ingredients, has just released its 2021-2022 new interactive report, summarising the key areas of growth and global engagement. The report gives snapshot insights of each aspect of MarinTrust’s work, from the latest developments of the MarinTrust Standard Version 3.0 to the many layers of assurance and traceability that underpin the Programme. 

LWUpon the release of this report, Libby Woodhatch, MarinTrust’s Executive Chair noted "Despite global challenges, MarinTrust continues to grow stronger, championing best practices and driving improvements in global responsibility for marine ingredient sourcing and production. This report showcases the many ways we continue to evolve and grow, from the latest version of the MarinTrust Standard to new FIPs under the Improver Programme (IP). This is all due to the hard work of our team and support of our independent third-party committee members."

Growth in global reach
Over the course of the last 12 months, MarinTrust's main factory standard was pleased to welcome 12 new sites across Chile, Ecuador, Finland, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, and Thailand. The MarinTrust Chain of Custody Standard welcomed 4 companies covering a total of 14 sites in Chile, China, Peru, and Spain. Lastly, the MarinTrust Improver Programme accepted 30 sites in countries such as Mauritania and India. The map below illustrates the global reach of MarinTrust.  

Certified Sites


Next steps for the MarinTrust Standard

FAThe development of Version 3.0 is well underway following a thorough review of all key stages, from the fisheries to the plants. Francisco Aldon, MarinTrust’s CEO, explains: “The continuing evolution of the MarinTrust Standard ensures that it remains relevant, credible, and accessible. Version 3.0 is an ambitious next step, strengthening the assessment criteria for raw materials, while encouraging the use of by-products. Both assurance and traceability remain at the core of this standard, guaranteeing the integrity of MarinTrust products.” 

Growing the marine ingredients community
Despite the limitations caused by the pandemic, the online format of events enabled the MarinTrust team to access to a far higher number of stakeholders based in numerous geographic locations, providing unique insights from across the industry. Partnerships and contributing to stakeholder groups has also increased the Programme’s reach. With a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with the Global Seafood Alliance (GSA), MarinTrust will work in partnership to meet the goal of 75% of the world’s marine ingredients supplies being either certified, in assessment, in application or in the MarinTrust Improver Programme by 2025. MarinTrust is also participating in the Global Roundtable on Marine Ingredients

The full report can be found here 

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