As the need for remote auditing continues, MarinTrust allows new applicants and high-risk facilities, as of 7th March 2022, to be audited on a partially remote basis via an ‘enhanced remote audit’. This approach underwent rigorous pilot testing with Certification Bodies to ensure its effectiveness and robustness.

Laura Courage, Assurance and Risk Manager, explains: “So far, new applicants and high-risk facilities have been unable to be audited on a fully remote basis in order to gain or maintain certification. This was an agreed approach due to the potential risk to the assurance of the MarinTrust Programme. We are delighted that we have managed to overcome this challenge through collective development and rigorous pilot testing over several months, including upcoming specific training sessions for Certification Bodies”. 

In the enhanced remote audit, the experienced MarinTrust approved auditor will lead and conduct the audit on a fully remote basis. A local auditor, that is an ICT trained professional meeting the requirements outlined in the ‘Enhanced Remote Audit Guidance’, will attend the audit onsite with the main duty of giving support to the lead auditor as their “eyes, nose and ears”.

Maintaining a physical third-party presence during the enhanced remote audit mimics as much as possible a fully onsite audit and provides assurance to stakeholders that the integrity and robustness of the programme is upheld.

The relevant documents are available here.

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