MarinTrust, independent business to business certification programme for the marine ingredient value chain, has been accepted as a full member of the ISEAL Alliance, the global membership organisation for sustainability standards systems.

As an ISEAL Member, MarinTrust will be required to demonstrate and maintain and full compliance to ISEAL Codes of Good Practice over the years. Responsible fishmeal and fish oil sourcing and manufacturing is vital to continually raise standards in the marine ingredients sector. Huge progress has been made to improve the sustainability of the industry since MarinTrust was created in 2009.

Libby Woodhatch, MarinTrust Executive Chair, said:

MarinTrust joined ISEAL as an associate member in 2018 by undergoing an evaluation against the baseline criteria of ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice. It has been systematically tracking progress and driving improvement in terms of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, as well as Risk Management and Data Management Systems. To date, over 50% of all marine ingredients produced globally are certified under the MarinTrust programme and our ambition is to raise the bar higher. MarinTrust’s Membership of ISEAL is a further endorsement as ISEAL is home to the world’s leading sustainability standards. I’d like to thank everyone who helped us achieve this recognition, especially the MarinTrust team who has been doing an amazing job.”

I would like to congratulate MarinTrust on achieving full ISEAL membership status,” said Karin Kreider, Executive Director at ISEAL Alliance. “This accomplishment is testament to their dedication to transforming the production of marine ingredients. To achieve full ISEAL membership clearly illustrates their commitment to credible practices and ensuring continuous improvement.”

The MarinTrust programme covers three key elements: first, the responsible sourcing and production of fishmeal and fish oil is assessed by the MarinTrust standard with the fishmeal and fish oil factory being the unit of certification. Second, the programme goes beyond the plant to assess both sourcing and traceability of compliant fishmeal and fish oil plants throughout the supply chain. This is done through the MarinTrust Chain of custody. Third, the MarinTrust Improver programme provides a mechanism by which fisheries that do not currently meet the MarinTrust requirements can work towards approval for certification.

About MarinTrust:

MarinTrust, formerly known as IFFO RS, is the leading independent business to business certification programme for the marine ingredient value chain consisting of:

- the MarinTrust for Responsible Supply,

- the MarinTrust Chain of Custody for Responsible Supply

- and the MarinTrust Improver Programme.

Since opening for application in October 2009, over 150 plants in more than 20 different countries have gained MarinTrust certification and over 50% of the worlds combined production of marine ingredients is MarinTrust compliant. To find out more visit

About ISEAL:

ISEAL is the global membership organisation for sustainability standards. We support and challenge our members to continually improve their impact for the benefit of people and planet. Our members collaborate in order to scale and demonstrate positive impact. Our regularly updated codes are a recognised framework for best practice, and compliance with them is a mark of credibility. ISEAL members cover social and environmental sustainability issues – from labour rights and sustainable livelihoods to biodiversity conservation – and are active across a diverse range of sectors. Through our work, we explore ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of sustainability standards and identify opportunities for innovation that increases the impacts of credible standards on critical social and environmental sustainability issues.

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