GSA and MarinTrust

MarinTrust held two days of meetings from 10th to 11 March, presenting the full breadth of work with the aim of increasing engagement and synergies between the two organisations. This was the first in person meeting since the signing of an MOU between both organisations in November 2021, which can be found here. Discussions covered the digitalisation of data and how data collection and sharing has evolved; and programme synergies in assurance, from auditors to education and traceability. The team also presented the Multispecies Pilot Project, providing an update on participating Fishery Improvement Project (FIPs) and looking at synergies with GSA’s work; as well as MarinTrust’s Improver Programme and how we can increase engagement with stakeholders in specific regions. Finally, the meetings ended with an update on details of MarinTrust’s ISEAL membership and engagement through a wide range of stakeholder committees.

Following this visit to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the team engaged with the broader seafood industry attending the Boston Seafood Show which was held in person for the first time since travel restrictions were imposed. This was a great opportunity to meet with partners and certificate holders as well as hear about work which has been ongoing over the last couple of years such as updates from the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST), changing market demands and the Responsible Plastic Management Programme. 

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