(Tuesday 22nd October 2019) IFFO RS invites stakeholders to provide input on the draft V2.0 Chain of Custody Standard, which is now open for 60 day public consultation until 21st December 2019. If you would like to take part, please submit your comments via the contact form here.

It has been 5 years since the last review and in order to maintain the credibility and relevancy of the IFFO RS Chain of Custody Standard, comply with internationally recognised credentials such as ISEAL and ISO 17065 as well as satisfying market requirements, the IFFO RS Governing Body Committee agreed with the proposal to undertake the development of the new IFFO RS Chain of Custody version.

This standard has been developed using a multi stakeholder consultation process with the support of technical experts and consultants. In addition, it has been tested on feed manufacturers, oil refiners, storage facilities and traders in China, Thailand, Peru and Chile to understand what the impact on current certificate holders to the new standard might be. This public consultation period will offer the chance for additional stakeholders to input into the further development of the standard.

The IFFO RS Chain of Custody V2.0 – Key Differences;
  • Introduction of new clauses that include supplier approval and monitoring systems including traders, agents / brokers with batch control (KDEs), HACCP/VACCP/TACCP with greater emphasis on material origin.
  • Reduced section due to similarities with other clauses in Sec. 1, revised clauses covering mass balance, labelling and segregation in all different activities such as initial storage, processing, final dispatch, final storage, delivery for client, etc
  • Introduction of subcontractor criteria - evaluation and documented control of subcontractors, mass balance exercises and product integrity
  • Strengthened clauses on the use of the IFFO RS Logo and Claim - label verification and control over the use of the IFFO RS logo or claim
  • Introduction of requirements of documented training systems for relevant staff members

Francisco Aldon, IFFO RS General Manager says “IFFO RS is proud to develop a chain of custody standard that incorporates integrated management systems. The aim of this integration is to enhance our robust processes securing product quality and traceability even further. Strong batch control via Key Data Elements (KDEs) will facilitate traceability in order to satisfy market needs for segregation of products linked to raw material origin.

A summary of all comments from the Public Consultation will be made publically available and sent to all stakeholders who submitted comments. These comments will be presented to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for consideration. It is estimated that V2.0 of the IFFO RS Chain of Custody standard will be ready for launch in the third quarter of 2020.

Stakeholder involvement is an essential part for the development and credibility of the IFFO RS Certification Programme and we welcome and encourage any comments or feedback regarding the proposed changes for V2.0 of the IFFO RS Chain of Custody. We look forward to continue with the development and launch of IFFO RS Chain of Custody V2.0 as well as continuing to promote more responsible practices within the marine ingredient value chain.

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