MarinTrust is the leading independent business to business certification programme for the production of marine ingredients consisting of:

As a business-to-business certification programme the use of the MarinTrust logo is not eco-labelling directed at the end user of the marine ingredient products.

The transition period towards the new MarinTrust branding and its new guidelines has now ended. All certified sites, Improver Programme Accepted sites and relevant stakeholders must no longer make reference to IFFO RS. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only those that hold a valid certificate under the MarinTrust Programme may make such claims.

What do you need to do?

All certified and accepted sites under the MarinTrust Programme must sign the relevant Licence Agreement and Claims policy as follows:

  • Upon achieving certification status, all Certified Sites must sign the MarinTrust Licence Agreement and Claims Policy available in the downloads section of this page and return to [email protected]
  • Upon achieving Improver Programme Acceptance status, all Improver Programme Accepted Sites must sign the MarinTrust Improver Programme Claims Agreement available in the downloads section of this page and return to [email protected].
  • All certified sites are required to pay the annual £300 logo licencing fee, per site. 
  • All Improver Programme Accepted sites are required to pay the annual £300 claim fee, per site. 

This agreement and licencing fees enables MarinTrust to further protect and enforce the integrity of the logo and claim usage.  

Certified sites who wish to use the MarinTrust Logo must do so in line with the MarinTrust Brand Guidelines and send artwork for approval to [email protected] prior to use.

Who can use the MarinTrust logo and certification claim?

Facilities that are accepted onto the MarinTrust Improver Programme (MarinTrust IP) may not use the MarinTrust logo or certification claim, however, they may sell products within the approved scope as MarinTrust Improver Programme material. Details of Improver Programme claims can be found outlined in Schedule 1 of the MarinTrust Improver Programme Claims Agreement. 

Reporting misuse of the Claim/logo

MarinTrust has robust requirements for the authorised us of the MarinTrust logo or claim. If in the case that a MarinTrust logo or claim to MarinTrust / MarinTrust CoC certification or acceptance to the MarinTrust Improver Programme has been misused, please contact MarinTrust directly on [email protected].