The three Certification Bodies currently accredited to undertake this task are NSF International, SGS Perú and LRQA.

More information about these companies and a list of their MarinTrust-approved auditors can be found below.

MarinTrust sets high standards for the training of auditors, to ensure a robust and efficient interpretation of the standard.

Information about MarinTrust auditor requirements can be found here.

Certification Bodies wishing to apply to certify against the MarinTrust standards, can find a detailed breakdown of requirements here and the procedural approval process here.

If you have any questions about the application process or requirements, please contact [email protected].

Once approved, Certification Bodies will be invoiced for an initial implementation fee, and will be required to follow MarinTrust requirements and procedures.

NSF logo

NSF International / Global Trust

NSF / Global Trust Certification Ltd.

First Floor, Room 5, Block 5 Quayside Business Park

Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland



Tel: +353 429320912

Fax: +353 429386864

Email: [email protected]

Approved MarinTrust Standard auditors at NSF International

  • Valgerður Ásta Guðmundsdóttir 
  • Sigmar Hijartarson 
  • Cristóbal Flores Fuentes 
  • Tania Sánchez Luengo 
  • Sasiwimol Arnmanee
  • Ahmed Omama
  • Valgerdour Lilja Jonsdottir 
  • Jim Daly 
  • Tomasz Wierzbicki 
  • Taufik Hudaya (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Hoang Phuong Linh (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Che King Lee Hoang (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Ruth Gallo 
  • Boonyarit Ruthaik
  • Rafael Guillen Turpo

Approved MarinTrust COC auditors at NSF International

  • Cristobal Flores Fuentes 
  • Ahmed Omama 
  • Diego Federico de Santos Iglesias (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Dr T. D. Babu (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Taufik Hudaya (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Ruth Gallo 
  • Panida Pongviratchai 
  • Sasiwimol Arnmanee
  • Jim Daly 
  • Piyapong Phuwiwat 
  • Frank Pang (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Yaddo Chen 
  • Crystal Chi 
  • Tomasz Wierzbicki 


Fishery Assessors

  • Mathew Jew 
  • Lea Lebechnech
  • Ana Almeida Ayres 
  • Sam Peacock


SGS Perú 

SGS logo

SGS del Perú S.A.C

Av. Elmer Faucett 3348

Callao 1, Perú

PO Box 27-0125



Tel: +51 1 517 1900

Fax: +51 1 575 4089

​Email:  [email protected]

Approved MarinTrust Standard auditors at SGS

  • Julio Vargas  
  • Maria Ostolaza 
  • Truong Minh Man 
  • Pham Ngoc Tuan Anh 
  • Daniel Alvarez 
  • Luis McCallock (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Naiké Obrego 
  • Álvaro Fernando Proust Henríquez (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Ana Lorena González Miranda (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Truong Minh Tuan 

Approved MarinTrust COC auditors at SGS

  • Julio Vargas
  • Luis McCallock (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Naiké Obrego (pending shadow and witness audit)
  • Maria Ostolaza (pending shadow and witness audit)


LRAQ logo

Acoura Marine Ltd (LRQA) 


  Office 79

  4-5 Lochside Way

  Edinburgh Park

  EH12 9DT




Tel: +44 330 024 0255

Email: [email protected]

The following auditors and assessors have undergone relevant training and may conduct audits and assessments as part of the ongoing formal approval process.

LRQA are in the process of expanding their auditor pool and building capacity in terms of service delivery and geographic availability; applications will be reviewed subject to availability. 

COC V2 Auditors

  • Ahmed Omama
  • Cristobal Flores 
  • Susanna Työppönen (pending witness audit)

MarinTrust Factory Auditors

  • Cristobal Flores
  • John Dowling
  • Tania Sanchez Luengo
  • Ahmed Omama
  • Susanna Tyopponen (pending shadow and witness audit)

Fishery Assessors

  • José Piero Crespo
  • Vineetha Aravind 
  • Sam Peacock
  • Blanca Idalia Gonzalez
  • Sam Dignan