From 12th to 26th January 2023, MarinTrust is inviting feedback from stakeholders on its Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning system (MEL) system, which assesses the effectiveness and impacts of the MarinTrust Programme. The MarinTrust Programme aims to improve the global responsibility of the sourcing and production of marine ingredients and has already made public a series of case studies highlighting its impacts. The public consultation is expected to enable the collection of further findings on how to improve the delivery of the three components of the Programme: the standard for marine ingredients factories; the Chain of Custody standard and the Improver Programme.

As part of the MEL work, MarinTrust engages different stakeholders through meetings, workshops and public consultations in order to ensure the continued relevance and robustness of the programme. This process allows MarinTrust to adjust its action plans and put mitigations in place, when possible, if unintended effects are identified.

MarinTrust would like to hear from its stakeholders regarding the following questions:

  • Do you agree with the current identified unintended impacts outlined in the consultation document?
  • Are there any positive unintended effects you think should be considered as part of MarinTrust's MEL system?
  • Are there any other unintended impacts that the MarinTrust programme may have on the industry?
  • Which of the current negative unintended effects do you see as being the most significant and potentially most damaging?

There are multiple ways to provide feedback:

•            Complete the survey via this link.

•            Complete the excel on our website here and send to [email protected].

MarinTrust’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) system was developed using the ISEAL documentary guidance, specialist consultancy support and stakeholder consultation workshops.

More details on the MEL system, MarinTrust’s Impacts work and all relevant documents can be found on its website here.

In addition to this consultation, MarinTrust offers ongoing opportunities for all stakeholders to comment on the MEL system, its development and specific aspects of it. For more details please contact [email protected] or refer to the Procedure for Submission of Comments, Suggestions and Information here.

More details and the full consultation instructions can be found on our website here.

Should you need a Spanish version of this or other documents document, please email us at [email protected]

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