(Tuesday October 29th 2019) In 2020 IFFO RS is changing the fees and pricing structure of the IFFO RS programme, due to a huge increase in the demand of IFFO RS certification and the need to ensure that the programme remains credible, robust and relevant for stakeholders.   

As IFFO RS grows ever stronger and continues to act as the leading independent business to business certification programme for the production of marine ingredients, it is essential that it continues to develop and maintain an innovative certification programme on behalf of the value chain and in accordance to the needs of the market.

Some key elements of this include;

  • Safeguarding integrity; compliance with international norms and strong assurance to ensure the positive perception of a credible certification programme bringing value to those holding certification status
  • Increasing the outreach and awareness; to enhance the relevancy and visibility of the programme in the market which will aid to increase the demand for IFFO RS marine ingredients throughout the value chain.
  • Implementation and maintenance of effective systems; to allow for strong data management to aid with the continual improvement and development of the different standards in the programme to support the improvement of marine ingredient production practices  
  • Improved communications; as well as supporting with the increase of outreach and awareness, this will allow us to be proactive in communicating the IFFO RS message in order to efficiently represent the marine ingredient industry and protect its the reputation in light of increasing challenges from NGOs and media, particularly in recent months.
When are they changing?
Certified Factories

IFFO RS will make the new fees and price structure available to all stakeholders in December 2020, 3 months prior to coming into effect for current certified sites to allow for a transition period. Therefore instead of sending annual invoices in January 2020, IFFO RS will delay sending them until March/April 2020.

New applicants

All new applicants applying to the IFFO RS programme from 1st January 2020 will be charged under the new fees and price structure.

A press release upon the publication of the new prices will be sent out in December 2019 to all stakeholders and further information with a complete list of the new costs will be available on the IFFO RS website. 

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