Vung Tau fishery

Multispecies pilot project: The MarinTrust programme in collaboration with South East Asian multispecies fisheries, including the Vung Tau fishery in Vietnam, are developing a fishery assessment method to allow them to demonstrate responsible management. Using the MarinTrust Improver Programme structure, fishmeal producers, government representatives and other stakeholders, are working towards demonstrating responsibility of the Vung Tau multispecies fishery. By testing the developing multispecies fishery assessment against these fisheries, MarinTrust aim to produce an assessment process that can be incorporated into the main MarinTrust Standard and therefore increase accessibility to the programme.

Accepted Date: February 2022: Initial Fishery AssessmentRevised FAP and workplan 2023-2024

End Date: TBC

Last Update: August 2022

Progress reports: Progress report Aug 2022, Stakeholder meeting Aug 2022Vung Tau Trawl Fishery Profile 2022, Annual report 2022, Updated progress report May 2023, Progress report August 2023.

Evidence documents

FAO area: 71

Country: Vietnam

Gear Type: Paired trawl & Otter board trawl


Multispecies (main species groups) used as whole fish for marine ingredient production:

Demersal resources including:

Bigeye scad (Selarcrumenophthalmus)

Greater lizardfish (Sauridatumbil)

Blunt-nose lizardfish (Trachinocephalusmyops)

Yellowtail scad (Atule mate)

Sulphur goatfish Upeneussulphureus)

Other species may be used for marine ingredient production.


Name: Thanh Nguyen

Organisation: Kim Delta Vietnam

Email: [email protected]

Participants: (MOU documents)

IP Accepted Sites: 0 (Acceptance documents)

Chain of Custody: No

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