MarinTurst certified factory statistics 

There are currently 146 factories in 20 different countries that have been successfully audited to comply with the MarinTrust standard:

*Table last updated: 10 June 2019


Country Sites IFFO RS Species MSC Species used
Peru 45 Anchovy  
Chile 21 2 x Anchovy, Common Sardine, Sardina Austral, Jack Mackerel, x3 by-products  
USA 5 Gulf Menhaden, Atlantic Menhaden, x1 by-products x13 by-products
UK/Ireland 5 x34 by-products Sand Eel
Iceland 11 x2 by-products NS Herring & SS Herring, x4 by-products, Capelin,
Norway 13 Sand Eel, Capelin, Calanus x11 by-products Norway Pout, NS Sprat, NS Herring & SS Herring, x4 by-products
Denmark 3

Baltic Sprat, Herring Blatic & Bothnian Bay, x10 by-products

NS Herring, SS Herring, SK & WB Herring, NS Sprat, Norway Pout, Sandeel,  x2 by-products
Faroe Islands 1 Capelin NS Herring & SS Herring, x2 by-products
South Africa 5 Multi Specie Pelagic Trawl, Multi Species Purse Seine x4 by-products  
Mauritius 1 x 3 by-products  
Mexico 2 Thread Herring, Monterrey Sardine, x6 by-products  
Morocco 7 x3 by-products  
Thailand 8 x30 by-products  
Vietnam 11 x7 by-product  
Ecuador 3 x6 by-products  
France 1 x12 by-products 7 by-products
Argentina 2 x3 by-products  
Latvia 1 Sprat, Herring  
Spain 1 x6 by-products   
Australia  1 Jack Mackerel  

Combined world production of MarinTrust compliant material (mt)

The output from these factories of MarinTrust compliant material amounts to over 3.5 million tones and around 52% of current world production (based on most recent figures):


The highest concentration of compliant material as of 2018 comes from South America:

country %


MarinTrust CoC certified factory statistics 

There are currently 74 certified sites in 18 different countries that have been successfully audited to the MarinTrust Chain of Custody standard

*Table last updated: 01st June 2020

Countries Certified Plants Products
Denmark 6 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Canada Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Peru 11 Fish Oil
Netherlands 1 Fish Oil
Chile 10 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
China 10 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
United Kingdom 1 Fish Oil
U.S.A 2 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Norway 6 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
France 5 Fishmeal & Fish OIl
Morocco 1 Fish Oil
Greece 8 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Thailand  5 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Vietnam 1 Fishmeal & Fish Oil 
Germany  6 Fishmeal & Fish Oil 
Argentina  2 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Spain 3 Fish Oil 
Ecuador  1 Fish Oil 
Sweden  1 Fish Oil