MarinTurst certified factory statistics 

There are currently 146 factories in 20 different countries that have been successfully audited to comply with the MarinTrust standard:

*Table last updated: 10 June 2019


Country Sites IFFO RS Species MSC Species used
Peru 45 Anchovy  
Chile 21 2 x Anchovy, Common Sardine, Sardina Austral, Jack Mackerel, x3 by-products  
USA 5 Gulf Menhaden, Atlantic Menhaden, x1 by-products x13 by-products
UK/Ireland 5 x34 by-products Sand Eel
Iceland 11 x2 by-products NS Herring & SS Herring, x4 by-products, Capelin,
Norway 13 Sand Eel, Capelin, Calanus x11 by-products Norway Pout, NS Sprat, NS Herring & SS Herring, x4 by-products
Denmark 3

Baltic Sprat, Herring Blatic & Bothnian Bay, x10 by-products

NS Herring, SS Herring, SK & WB Herring, NS Sprat, Norway Pout, Sandeel,  x2 by-products
Faroe Islands 1 Capelin NS Herring & SS Herring, x2 by-products
South Africa 5 Multi Specie Pelagic Trawl, Multi Species Purse Seine x4 by-products  
Mauritius 1 x 3 by-products  
Mexico 2 Thread Herring, Monterrey Sardine, x6 by-products  
Morocco 7 x3 by-products  
Thailand 8 x30 by-products  
Vietnam 11 x7 by-product  
Ecuador 3 x6 by-products  
France 1 x12 by-products 7 by-products
Argentina 2 x3 by-products  
Latvia 1 Sprat, Herring  
Spain 1 x6 by-products   
Australia  1 Jack Mackerel  

Combined world production of MarinTrust compliant material (mt)

The output from these factories of MarinTrust compliant material amounts to over 3.5 million tones and around 52% of current world production (based on most recent figures):

Percentage of MarinTrust production against global

The highest concentration of compliant material as of 2019 comes from South America:

2019 production pie chart


MarinTrust CoC certified factory statistics 

There are currently 74 certified sites in 18 different countries that have been successfully audited to the MarinTrust Chain of Custody standard

*Table last updated: 01st June 2020

Countries Certified Plants Products
Denmark 6 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Canada Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Peru 11 Fish Oil
Netherlands 1 Fish Oil
Chile 10 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
China 10 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
United Kingdom 1 Fish Oil
U.S.A 2 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Norway 6 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
France 5 Fishmeal & Fish OIl
Morocco 1 Fish Oil
Greece 8 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Thailand  5 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Vietnam 1 Fishmeal & Fish Oil 
Germany  6 Fishmeal & Fish Oil 
Argentina  2 Fishmeal & Fish Oil
Spain 3 Fish Oil 
Ecuador  1 Fish Oil 
Sweden  1 Fish Oil