Letter to the Independent: First nutrient-enriched GM crops could be grown in the UK within months

Letter to the Editor: The Independent

In response to 

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IFFO opens Annual Conference with video message from HRH The Prince of Wales

Following a successful Annual Conference in Hong Kong, IFFO is proud to release a video message from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, shown at the opening of the conference.  In his message

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IFFO welcomes joint MoU by ASC, GAA, GlobalGAP for responsible sourcing

IFFO welcomes the joint ASC/GAA/GobalGAP announcement on common requirements for the sourcing of fish meal and fish oil (FMFO) for farmed fish diets.  This move to harmonise feed requirements

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IFFO welcomes Peruvian anchovy quota

The news of an increase in the Peruvian anchovy quota for the second fishing season starting in November has been welcomed by IFFO, the international marine ingredients trade organisation. Stable

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Danish fish oil impurity case - Revised

On 2nd July fish oil refining company FF Skagen, based in Denmark, was charged, along with two other companies, of illegally blending feed grade fish oil with technical grade fish oil and selling

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