Rabobank’s report illustrates that fishmeal is a high value strategic ingredient

The latest Industry Note (#494) from Rabobank draws some interesting and valid conclusions on the future supply and demand for fishmeal. The transition from a bulk commodity traded on price to a

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VIDEO: SeaWeb "Seafood Champion"Andrew Jackson of IFFO and Explorer Fabian Cousteau Discuss Industry and Environmental Cooperation

Summary: A cooperative spirit abounded at this spring’s seafood conferences, including the international SeaWeb Seafood Summit in New Orleans, where representatives of the commercial fishing

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Invitation to provide input into a new version of IFFO RS, the leading standard for the responsible sourcing of the marine ingredients

In order to maintain the credibility and relevancy of its leading standard, the IFFO RS’s Governance Board has decided to commit to an extensive review and the production of a new version

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2015 Seafood Champion Award for Leadership awarded to IFFO’s Andrew Jackson

IFFO is proud to announce that our Technical Director Dr Andrew Jackson was last night presented with the 2015 Seafood Champion Award for Leadership.  Dr Jackson was one of four finalists in the

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Letter in response to 'Fishmeal industry causing devastating effects in Peru, charity says'

Letter to the Editor, Undercurrent News.

Ref “Video -

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IFFO launches new video on the importance of omega-3s in salmon feed

As farmed salmon becomes a regular feature in our diets, it is important to understand its nutritional benefits. Salmon is still an excellent source of omega-3s, containing more than most other

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Imarpe recommends not to open second anchovy fishing season in Peru

The Instituto del Mar del Peru (IMARPE) has recommended not to open the country’s second anchovy fishing season until stocks have recovered. This decision is part of a report following the

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Letter to The Guardian: Taking a holistic approach to ensure better fishery management

Taking a holistic approach to ensure better fishery management

Letter to the Guardian (UK) - In response to ‘

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