Description: Established in June 2020, NAPA is a market-led approach working to improve North Atlantic pelagic fisheries management. It was formed in response to the continuing dispute over pelagic fishery quota allocations in the North East Atlantic. Over time, this dispute has resulted in annual catches well in excess of the advised level for three commercially important species: North East Atlantic mackerel, Atlanto-scandian (Norwegian Spring Spawning) herring, and North East Atlantic blue whiting.

NAPA aims to drive sustainability in these fisheries by securing an agreement on total allowable catches (TACs) in line with scientific advice, as well as long-term science-based fisheries management strategies. The group intends to tackle these issues through the establishment of a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for mackerel and herring, and a MarinTrust FIP for blue whiting. The FIPs both serve to drive political will while holding key actors and decision-makers to account.

Accepted Date: October 2021 Initial Fishery Assessment, Fishery Action Plan

End Date: October 2024

Last Update: October 2022

Progress reports: April 2022, October 2022

Location: NE Atlantic (FAO area 27). Subareas 1–9, 12, and 14 (Northeast Atlantic and adjacent waters)

Region: North East Atlantic

Gear Type: Pelagic trawl & purse seine


Target species used as whole fish for marine ingredient production:

Blue whiting (Micromesistius poutassou)

On occasion, other species may be used for marine ingredient production.

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