MarinTrust Quality Management System

An MarinTrust Quality Management System (QMS) has been developed to support the MarinTrust Secretariat on how to manage the Certification Bodies (CBs) that are engaged in the assessment of the applicants to the MarinTrust Standard on behalf of the MarinTrust Governing Body Committee.

The main function of this MarinTrust QMS will be to ensure that all applicants are certificated in a consistent and timely manner and to ensure that the ISO accreditation status of the standard is maintained.

The MarinTrust programme is split between two key components and the MarinTrust QMS has been designed to look at each section and to address the unique requirements for each sector. The current programme components covered by this QMS system will be the

  • The Raw Material Fishery and By-Product Fishery assessment approval process
  • The Fish meal plant certification process

The MarinTrust QMS will require a number of policies and procedures to be designed to ensure that the developed QMS has the required level of credibility, integrity and robustness.


In order to ensure consistency when carrying out standard setting and development activities in relation to all MarinTrust standards, MarinTrust has a Standard Development Procedure which covers all areas such as new standard development as well as review and revision of existing standards. 

MarinTrust Certification Body approval process documented procedures

MarinTrust Certification Body procedures for conducting and certifying applicants for the MarinTrust programme

MarinTrust approved training requirements for Certification Body and IFFO RS Secretariat

MarinTrust approved public interpretation guidance 

Fishery and by-product fishery assessment

Factory audit

MarinTrust approved report templates

Controlled copies - for reference only 

  • MarinTrust Factory Audit Report Template - For Version 2.0 of the IFFO RS standard (FAC1)
  • MarinTrust Chain of Custody V2.0 Factory Audit Report template (FAC2)
  • MarinTrust By-product fishery assessment report template (FISH1 - V2.1)
  • MarinTrust Whole fish fishery assessment report template (FISH2 - V2.1)