MarinTrust Chain of Custody Standard

The MarinTrust Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard safeguards the identity of produce sold on the global market and ensures consistent, competent and independent certification practices.

Originally known as the IFFO RS CoC Standard, it was released in 2010. Assessment against the Standard enables certified producers of marine ingredients to demonstrate full traceability of compliant products, from approved raw material sourced from responsibly managed fisheries, to the manufacture and delivery of safe and pure products.

Certification is achieved through an application process and rigorous audit against the MarinTrust CoC Standard.

MarinTrust CoC certified sites are able to use the “MarinTrust Assured” mark, which signifies compliance and commitment to the MarinTrust CoC Standard.

The MarinTrust CoC Standard has two main components:

  • The verification and certification of producer factories that source raw material from approved fisheries and by-product fisheries, or by-product from aquaculture
  • The verification and certification of the CoC for marine ingredient products that come from MarinTrust Certified Factories or MarinTrust Compliant Factories in the Identity Preserved (IP) Supply Chain Model. The IP requires full separation and traceability of any certified fishery material from start to finish of the supply chain.

The MarinTrust CoC Standard is subject to continual review and improvement, to ensure that it continues to serve stakeholder needs in the provision and use of safe, responsibly sourced marine ingredients for the international market.

A new version of the CoC Standard is being developed, and will be available for companies to be audited against in July/August 2020. Ongoing review and development ensures that the CoC Standard remains credible and relevant, and complies with internationally recognised credentials such as ISEAL and ISO 17065. 

The new Standard has been developed using a multi stakeholder consultation process with the support of technical experts. It has been tested on feed manufacturers, oil refiners, storage facilities and traders in China, Thailand, Peru and Chile.

Please note that if ownership of a CoC certified product is passed to a trader to sell onto an approved buyer, that trader must also gain CoC certification in order to maintain product integrity and an unbroken supply chain.

Full details of the MarinTrust COC Standard and requirements can be found here.

A full list of current MarinTrust CoC certified plants can be found here.

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