MarinTrust Approved Whole Fish

The MarinTrust approved whole fish assessment reports are listed below. Any queries should be emailed to

Important Notice:

If a MarinTrust certified factory uses an MSC certified fishery product in the production of fish meal and/or fish oil that has its certificate withdrawn or suspended, this fishery must be assessed under the MarinTrust Standard to gain approval as a compliant raw material. This applies to both whole fish and by-products.

Product from any fishery which loses its MSC certification and does not subsequently meet the MarinTrust Standard, must be separated at the production facility from any MarinTrust approved raw material.

Any MarinTrust certified factories which use MSC certified species that have been withdrawn, must submit a scope extension application form and email to  to gain approval.

The MSC certified species listed on this site have been provided by MarinTrust Standard certificate holders. The MarinTrust Secretariat updates this list regularly, but take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

Please check for the latest information on any MSC certified species.

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20 Oct 2021 - 15:18



Approved Whole Fish | Denmark | Skagerrak Kattegat and Western Baltic Herring

Baltic Sprat [Sprattus Sprattus] |Denmark|Subdivisions 22-32, Baltic Sea Approved Whole Fish

Capelin [Mallotus villosus] - |Denmark | Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea (ICES subdivisions I & II, excluding IIa west of 5W) Approved wholefish

Herring [Clupea harengus] | Denmark | Subdivision 30, Bothnian Sea & Subdivision 31 Bothnian Bay Approved Whole Fish

Herring [Clupea harengus] |Denmark| Subdivision 28.1 Gulf of Riga|Approved wholefish

Herring [Clupea harengus] |Denmark|Subdivision 25 - 29 & 32, Central Baltic Sea (excluding Gulf of Riga), Baltic countries: Denmark, Latvia |Approved wholefish

Norway pout [Trisopterus esmarkii] | Denmark | ICES Subarea IV and IIIa Approved Whole Fish

Sand eel [Ammodytes marinus] |Denmark| ICES 4b-c, Sandeel area 1r, 2r, 3r |Approved wholefish


Baltic Sprat (Sprattus sprattus) and Herring (Clupea harengus) |Estonia| ICES Subdivisions 25 - 29 & 32 |Approved Whole-Fish

United Kingdom

Boarfish [Capros aper] |UK & Ireland| Northeast Atlantic |Approved Whole Fish


Japanese Sardine [Sardinops sagax – synonym Sardinops melanostictus] | Japan |Northwest Pacific FAO 61 Approved Whole Fish


Herring [Clupea harengus] |Latvia| Subdivision 25 - 29 & 32, Central Baltic Sea (excluding Gulf of Riga), Baltic countries: Denmark, Latvia Approved Whole Fish


Gulf of California small pelagics| Mexico |FAO 77 Gulf of California Approved Whole Fish

Thread Herring [Opisthonema medirastre, libertate & bulleri] | Mexico | Eastern Central Pacific FAO 77 Approved Whole Fish


Capelin [Mallotus villosus] - | Norway | Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea (ICES subdivisions I & II, excluding IIa west of 5W) - shared w/ Denmark Approved Whole Fish

Norway pout [Trisopterus esmarkii] |Norway| North Sea & Skagerrak-Kattegat (ICES Sub Area IV & IIIa) Small mesh |Approved Wholefish


Peruvian anchovy [Engraulis ringens] |Peru| Northern border of EEZ to 16¢ªS |Approved Whole Fish

Peruvian anchovy [Engraulis ringens] |Peru| Southern Peru|Approved Whole Fish

United States

Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus)| United States | (Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina) Approved Whole Fish

Gulf menhaden [Brevoortia patronus] | United States | Gulf of Mexico Approved Whole Fish