M/s Omega Fishmeal & Oil Pvt. Ltd Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India started the “Fishery Improvement Project” (FIP) for Indian oil sardine along the coastal waters of Maharashtra, & Goa in 2017 and are the project coordinator of this FIP. The project’s main focus is to improve fisheries management and governance together with environmental responsibility and transparent traceability of fishery products throughout the supply chain.

This is the first FIP in India that applies to the latest version of MarinTrust Standard, which is an internationally accepted standard designed specifically for marine ingredient producers sourcing from responsible fisheries according to UN FAO requirements. This FIP will ensure the effective management of sardine resources for the development of fisheries for maximum sustainability.

The Fishery Improvement Program (FIP) is a joint effort of the Government agencies and the private parties involved in the fisheries sector. The private fishermen’s associations include Ratnadurga Macchimar Society, Ratnagiri, Adarsh Macchimar Society, Ratnagiri, ,Vasco Fishing Boat Owners Marketing Co-operative Society Ltd, Goa and  Zuari Marketing Fisheries Co-operative Society Ltd, Goa, The Govt, agencies involved in the  FIP are  Directorate of Fisheries, Goa, Department of Fisheries, Ratnagiri, College of Fisheries, Ratnagiri, Central Marine Fisheries research Institute (CMFRI), Kochi, Central Institute of fisheries Technology (CIFT) Kochi, & The Marine Products Export Development Authority, (MPEDA)

The main goals of FIP are:

1.      Fishery products must come from responsible fisheries sources and can be traceable throughout the supply chain.

2.      Supply chain must be transparent. Related information shall be clearly communicated among international buyers and all stakeholders.

3.      The implementation of effective fisheries management that prevent, deter and eliminate IUU fishing and overfishing as well as the protection of the wider marine ecosystem.

4.      The development of a credible monitoring and traceability system that reduces IUU fishing and protects those that respect the rules.

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Accepted Date: October 2019 Initial Fishery Assessment, Fishery Action Plan

End Date: October 2024

Last Update: October 2022

Progress reports: October 2020, 2021 annual report, FIP Workshop May 2022, 2022 annual report update, FIP annual milestone report 2022, FIP progress report May 2023

Fishing area: State managed waters of Goa and Maharashtra

Country: India

Gear Type: Purse seine


Target species used as whole fish for marine ingredient production:

Indian Oil sardine (Sardinella longiceps)

Lesser sardine (Sardinella fimbriate)

Mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta)

On occasion, other species may be used for marine ingredient production.


Name: Amol Patil

Organisation: Omega Fishmeal and Oil Pvt Ltd

Email: [email protected]

Participants: (MOU documents)

IP Accepted Sites: 2 (Acceptance documents)

Chain of Custody: No

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