Improver Programme Application Committee (IPAC)

The IFFO RS GB and Improver Programme Application Committee (IPAC) work together to develop and implement the IFFO RS Improver Programme (IFFO RS IP). The IP AC is an objective‐based multi‐stakeholder group, representative of fishery science, fishmeal manufacturing, the food supply chain and environment. The function of the IP AC is to draft the IFFO RS IP assessment, acceptance and tracking mechanisms for submission to the IFFO RS GB for finalisation and approval. This ensures that only progressive and committed applicants are accepted onto the IFFO RS IP.

Main Objective:

The objective of the IFFO RS IP is to implement a robust and credible programme, allied to the IFFO RS Version 2.0 standard, at approved IFFO RS IP factories which at present are struggling to meet the IFFO RS Version 2.0 standard certification criteria. Implementation of this Improver Programme will allow IFFO RS IP factories to reach compliance with the IFFO RS Version 2.0 standard in a defined period of time.

Key Activities:

  • To develop the IFFO RS IP Application Mechanism for IFFO RS GB approval.
  • To keep the IFFO RS IP Application Mechanism procedures under review, to ensure their relevance to current practice and market requirements.
  • Provide knowledge and guidance that will contribute to accurate interpretation, development and alignment of the IFFO RS IP for assessment purposes.
  • Provide advice by way of decisions, proceedings, and meeting minutes to the IFFO RS GB on any amendments considered to be necessary to ensure the accuracy, relevance and credibility of the IFFO RS IP programme.
  • Provide input and advice on documents prepared on the IP AC interpretation of the IFFO RS IP Application Criteria and supporting IFFO RS IP guidance documentation used in the assessment of applicants as the programme develops and evolves.
  • Monitor any changes to the relevant Normative Reference documents or standards, or newly issued FAO guidance relevant to fishery assessment or legislative documentation that are used in the IFFO RS programme and incorporate the required amendments into the IFFO RS IP Application Criteria.

IFFO RS Improver Programme Application Committee (IPAC): 

Biographies of each can be found on the Governance & Board Members page;

  • Neil Auchterlonie (Chairperson)
  • Francisco Aldon
  • Duncan Leadbitter
  • Dan Lee
  • Trygve B. Lea
  • Blake Lee-Harwood

Marine ingredient producers who wish to participate and be formally accepted into the IFFO RS IP must complete the relevant application registration and send it to the IFFO RS secretariat at If you have any questions, please contact us at