Improver Programme Accepted Sites

Below is a list of all of the MarinTrust accepted Improver Programme (IP) production sites. A site MUST be listed below to make a claim to be on the Improver Programme, as well as being a stakeholder in a listed MarinTrust accepted FIP here. At least one production site MUST pass a MarinTrust site audit within 12 months of the sourcing FIP being accepted onto the programme, otherwise the FIP will be removed from the programme.

Sites on this list may not use the MarinTrust logo, but may sell products as MarinTrust Improver Programme material. MarinTrust may provide a letter of acceptance to the programme as proof if required, although the list below should be deemed acceptable.

All IP sites must comply with a regular audit cycle, and arrange audits at least 60 days in advance. The MarinTrust audit frequency is:

  • Initial factory audit in year 1
  • Annual surveillance audits in years 2 and 3

NB: The list below is regularly updated. If an establishment claiming to be on the Improver Programme does not appear on the list, then it may not have been accepted, or have had its acceptance suspended or withdrawn.

Covid-19 statement

Site audits: Site audits as part of the MarinTrust Improver Programme (IP) will follow the MarinTrust standard Covid-19 policy which can be found here. Any surveillance or recertification audits may be applicable, via the risk assessment process, for a remote audit should all extension timelines be exhausted. No initial audits as part of the IP may take place remotely.

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07 Jul 2021 - 15:13


Productos Pesqueros S.A Produpes (Ecuadorian small pelagics FIP)


Procesadora Bayano S.A (Probasa) (Panamanian Small Pelagics FIP)

Promarina S.A (Panamanian Small Pelagics FIP)


Piyo Bhokabhan Co., Ltd. (Gulf of Thailand mixed-trawl FIP - part of the multispecies pilot project)

Southeast Asian Packaging and Canning Ltd. (Gulf of Thailand mixed-trawl FIP - part of the multispecies pilot project)