Improver Programme Accepted FIPs

Below is a list of all FIPs accepted under the MarinTrust Improver Programme (IP).

The MarinTrust IP is designed to allow recognition for marine ingredient production sourcing from a FIP fishery. Therefore a site MUST be a stakeholder in a MarinTrust IP accepted FIP in order to make a MarinTrust IP claim, and also be listed on the MarinTrust Improver Programme Accepted Sites page here.

In order for a FIP to maintain acceptance on the programme, at least one production site MUST pass a MarinTrust site audit within 12 months of the FIP being accepted otherwise the FIP will be removed from the programme (please see Covid-19 statement for updates on this requirement).

A claim cannot be made unless the production site passes a MarinTrust audit, is an active stakeholder of the FIP and the raw material is covered by the scope of the FIP. Please review the overview page for each FIP for this information and the Acceptance document for each production site.

Covid-19 statement

FIPs: All timelines associated with MarinTrust FIPs are still applicable and applicants are expected to provide annual milestone reports with evidence of compliance in line with the IP assurance checks. Any milestones that have been impacted by Covid-19 should be reported on as normal, with information and relevant evidence of any delays being provided. Any decisions regarding Covid-19 delays will be made on a case-by-case basis for each FIP via the peer review process and the Improver Programme Application Committee (IPAC).

Sites: An extension to the 12 month audit requirements has been granted to those FIPs in countries that have been impacted by travel restrictions due to Covid-19 and will be reviewed as the situation evolves. 

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Accepted FIPs:

Important note: No production sites in India are permitted to sell MarinTrust Improver Programme products at this time. 

Important note: No production sites in Mauritania are permitted to sell MarinTrust Improver Programme products at this time. 


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