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Multispecies pilot project: The MarinTrust programme in collaboration with South East Asian multispecies fisheries, including the Gulf of Thailand, are developing a fishery assessment method to allow them to demonstrate responsible management. Using the MarinTrust Improver Programme structure, Thai fishmeal producers, government representatives and other stakeholders, are working towards demonstrating responsibility of the Gulf of Thailand mixed-trawl fishery. By testing the developing multispecies fishery assessment against these fisheries, MarinTrust aim to produce an assessment process that can be incorporated into the main MarinTrust Standard and therefore increase accessibility to the programme.

Accepted Date: October 2020: Fishery Assessment (updated in February 2022), Fishery Action Plan

End Date: TBC

Last Update: October 2022

Progress reports: 6 month progress report (Dec 2022)

Geographic area: Gulf of Thailand

Country: Thailand

Gear Type: Paired trawl, Otter board trawl & Beam trawl


Multispecies (main species) used as whole fish for marine ingredient production:

Splendid pony fish slimy, Eubleekeria Splendens

Longfin Mojarra, Pentaprion longimanus

Pugnose ponyfish, Secutor insidiator

Yellow-Finned หรือ Leather Jacket, Alutera monoceros

Purple-Spotted (Bigeye), Priacanthus tayenus

Yellow goatfish, Mulloidichthys martinicus

Gold band fusilier, Pterocaesio Chrysozona

Cinnabagoat fish, Heptacanthus

Yellowtail Fusilier, Caesio erythrogaster

Lizardfish, Saurida undosquamis


This list is representative of the key species used for marine ingredient production. Other species may be used for marine ingredient production.


Name: Vorapong Iamtrakul and Komprat Boodsri

Organisation: Thai Sustainable Fisheries Roundtable (TSFR)

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Participants: (MOU documents)

IP Accepted Sites: 4 (Acceptance documents)

Chain of Custody: No

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