The objectives of the SPS-FIP are:

  1. Decision making process on fishery management is transparent, inclusive and participatory
  2. Fishery data, species, habitats and environmental information is collected, published and publicly available.
  3. Stock assessments of relevant species to the fishery are conducted on regular bases, following scientific methodology and their results are published and publicly available.
  4. Conservations and Management Measures (CMMs) are adopted by fishery managers accordingly to the stock assessments outcomes and recommendations.
  5. Fishery interactions with ETP are registered by concerned fleets and managers adopt CMMs accordingly.

Accepted Date: October 2018 Initial Fishery Assessment, Improvement Recommendation Report, Fishery Action Plan

End Date: October 2023

Last Update: October 2022

Progress reports: June 2019, December 2019, Milestone report 2019December 2020, October 2021, October 2022

FAO Area: 87

Country: Ecuador

Gear Type: Purse seine

EEZ map - Ecuador


Target species used as whole fish for marine ingredient production:

Pacific chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus)

Frigate tuna (Auxis spp)

Shortfin scad (Decapterus macrosoma)

Largehead hairtail (Trichiurus lepturus)

Pacific anchoveta (Cetengraulis mysticetus)

Round herring (Etrumeus  acuminatus)

On occasion, other species may be used for marine ingredient production.


Name: Jimmy Anastacio-Solis

Organisation: Cámara Nacional de Pesquería (CNP)

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: (593) 99 421 8943

Participants: (MOU documents)

IP Accepted Sites: 6 (Acceptance documents)

Chain of Custody: No

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