Case Studies

Panama small pelagics fishery

Panamanian Fisheries The Panama small pelagics fishery made history as the first accepted applicant for the MarinTrust Improver Programme scheme in 2015. Huge efforts from all stakeholders (new regulations, implementation of a management plan for the fishery, investment in staff training and technical equipment) have stimulated a real change from the fishermen. Fishery managers are now working towards a series of time-bound improvement milestones, to enable their processing plant to transition towards full MarinTrust certification. Click here to read more about their story.




Gulf of Thailand Mixed-Trawl Fishery

The need to address environmental and social issues in theMarinTrust Thai fishmeal industry has led via a complex journey, to a well-subscribed Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) in the Gulf of Thailand and to the fishery applying to join the MarinTrust (formerly IFFO RS) Improver Programme. Click here to read more about their story.