Our Purpose

“To champion best practice in fisheries and production for Marine Ingredients”.

Our ambition is for 75% of all marine ingredients to be MarinTrust certified, in application, in assessment or in the MarinTrust Improver Programme by 2025.


Marine Ingredients Certifications Ltd. offer Industry Leading Marine Ingredient Certification:

  • Our Standard allows producers of marine ingredients to be accountable and demonstrate that their raw materials are responsibly produced and responsibly sourced, from well managed fisheries.
  • The MarinTrust Standard is an industry led, robust, credible and accessible tool that ensures traceability and eliminates IUU fishing
  • Access to markets is facilitated through our globally recognised standard. It is:
    • Recognised by the global value chain and embedded in sourcing policies – giving buyers the green light.
    • Supported by NGOs, and both ISO and ISEAL compliant 
    • Operated as an independent 3rd party programme that rewards best practice and raises industry standards

Our Promise is to:

  • Continually raise standards in the marine ingredients sector
  • Keep providing quality feed that will help produce quality food for a growing population
  • Improve social accountability
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Preserve the livelihoods of local communities

Click here to learn how to get certified under our Main Standard.

Click here to learn how to get certified under our Chain of Custody Standard.